How Fitness Helps Stress And Keeps You Energized

Having a slow day? Tempted to procrastinate every task that comes your way? Shake it off. Literally. Studies show that exercise can work wonders for your productivity by lowering stress levels, improving your ability to focus, fighting lethargy, and giving you a boost of energy. Here’s how. 

It Releases Endorphins 

Endorphins are the body’s natural ‘feel good’ hormones that are released whenever we do something that requires energy. They not only lift your spirits but also ensure that you are left feeling more energized despite having used up energy. This is why a run or a workout session can leave you feeling rejuvenated both mentally and physically. 


It Improves Blood and Oxygen Supply

When you exercise or indulge in any form of strenuous physical activity, your heart starts pumping blood faster. This is because the muscles that are in use require more blood and oxygen. So, when you exercise, your heart pumps more oxygen-carrying blood to all the parts of your body. If you do this regularly, your heart gets in the habit of supplying more blood and ultimately oxygen to your body, including your brain, leaving you feeling energized and euphoric.

It Helps You Sleep Better

With regular exercise and staying fit, you will naturally tire out your body so that you sleep better at night. This way, you will wake up feeling fully refreshed the next day. Studies show that regular exercise can dramatically improve cases of insomnia or troubled sleep.

So, in order to be your most energetic and stress-free self, adopt a healthy fitness routine. And for the additional kick when things at work or school start to get too much, just get up and do some jumping jacks etc. to reboot your system.