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Skincare Routine For Before And After Working Out

There seems to be a skincare routine for just about every time and occasion, and rightfully so. After all, the skin is the largest and the most prominent feature of your body. So, while you are focusing on the rest of your body during your workout sessions, don’t forget about your skin. A few minutes extra in the locker rooms before and after working out can help keep your skin in the best condition.

Before Working Out

Before you start your workout, devote a couple of minutes to take care of your skin. Just two minutes of your time now would go a long way in keeping your skin looking fresh, clear, and youthful. First off, get rid of the dirt, impurities, makeup, and sebum on your skin. If you can wash your face do that. If you don’t have access to water though, then just make up removing pads or facial cleansing pads should do the trick. This way, when you sweat while working out, the impurities or makeup etc. on your skin won’t clog the pores. Next, apply a sunscreen, preferably one that also moisturizes your skin. This is especially important if you are planning on working out outdoors. 

After Working Out

While you are working out, you will naturally perspire a lot. This will cause your pores to open up and the sweat will also be hosting a plethora of bacteria. Change out of your sweaty clothes and shower within 30 minutes of your work out to ensure that the bacteria do not center your pores and cause infections or breakouts. Cleanse your skin using a cleansing lotion or water. Finally, apply some moisturizer or toner to close the pores and hydrate the skin. 

By combining this simple skincare routine for before and after your work out with a healthy intake of water and a good daily skincare routine you can keep your skin in its youthful glory for a lot longer.