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5 Habits To Get in Shape This Year

5 Habits to Get in Shape for 2019

Keep a Fitness Calendar!

This is a very effective way to see how much work you are putting in for the week, or how much slacking you did.  This helps you hold yourself accountable by visually seeing the work you are putting in to achieve your goal.  Try to use the best method you can to keep track of your workout e.g phone calendar, calendar on your fridge, white board on your wall etc.

Challenge Yourself to Drink More Water!

We all know the importance of water and the health benefits of drinking plenty of it.  Make your goal in 2019 to drink more water.  You can start this habit by carrying your favorite water bottle with you everywhere you go.  Start by drinking a full bottle every morning and before/after every meal throughout the day.

Fill Your Fridge with the Right Food!

Its all about the diet.  You have to feed your body with the right fuel to burn fat and feel energized.  So challenge yourself this year to do some food replacing on your grocery list.  Heres a start: Replace all sodas with water, replace all cookies/sweets with nuts and fruits, replace white bread with whole wheat bread.  

Burn Extra Calories Throughout The Day with Small Changes!

Switch things up just a little though out the day to burn some extra calories.    Challenge yourself to these three things daily: Take the steps instead of the elevator, park your vehicle far from the entrance, the next time you walk somewhere take the long way.  

Take On a new Fitness Class!

There is nothing more exciting then falling in love with a new workout.  You will never know if you love something until you try right? So they not try a new workout class? There are so many to choose from these days and most places offer the first class for free so what do you have to loose?  Go online today and google “Fitness Classes” Make a list of all the ones you want to try this year.  Once you find the one you love, excel in it. 


We hope you take on these challenge for the new year and stay consistent.  Never be too hard on yourself, we all fall off the wagon but its about getting back up that matters.