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International Women’s Day: Believe In Girl Power

They say that this is a man’s world, but to be honest, if we really come to think of it, has it ever been complete or full without women? There is not a field in the world where women have not excelled and created marvelous records in history. Women have not only been contributing in many fields of life but acing them as well. Many strong and determined women of this world have carved their names into history with golden letters. Their strong will, hard work, and bravery will always be remembered in remarkable words, along the years. They have done several amazing things for the world and its improvement. If we are talking about girl power and what that they have done for the world, then let's also highlight a few names of the brilliant women who have made everyone proud.

Serena Jameka Williams is a 37 year old American tennis player that won the second-most singles titles in women's Grand Slam tournaments of all time. She proved that a woman can also make history like no other.



Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is an English, model, and actress known for her numerous charity works and donations. She has generously helped, thousands of times, in helping the poor and giving them better lives.



Ellen DeGeneres is best known for her struggle and fight for women’s right and empowerment, as well as social justice. She has helped in the cause to protect women from abuse and make the world a better place for them to dream as well.


These women proved to the world that women can excel at anywhere and achieve goals that anyone can ever think of.  They told the world that women are anything but weak and that they can play an equal part in the betterment of the people of this world and reach their goals. So make sure you too are supporting the females in your life so they can hold up the world.